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Here is our Winter newsletter! - Bayside Beacon, Winter 2011:

Bayside Beacon Newsletter, Winter 2011

Bayside Beacon, Fall 2010:

Bayside Beacon Newsletter, Fall 2010

Bayside Beacon, Spring/Summer 2010:

Bayside Beacon Newsletter, Spring/Summer 2010

Bayside Beacon, New Year 2010:

Bayside Beacon Newsletter, New Year - 2010

Here is our first newsletter! - Bayside Beacon, Fall 2009:

Bayside Beacon Newsletter, Fall 2009


I wrote this article to discuss changes I have seen in people's priorities as a result of the current recession:
Financial Struggles Are Strengthening Family Ties


Here are some helpful tips for parents on how to help their children overcome common fears:
Overcoming Children's Fears

NEWS (updated 3/4/2011)

Amy King, a Registered Dietitian and I started a group called "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" in early 2010.   It was for children ages 9 through 12 and addresses various topics such as healthy eating, weight management, stress management and self-esteem.   Since then we have successfully run two children's groups and an adult group.  Based on increased demand we will soon be offering "Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds" for teens ages 13 to 17 as well as a third child group.   Watch our Group Counseling page for more information, updates, registration forms and flyers.